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History as JOOTRH performs delicate surgery on Governor Nyong’o

Kisumu Governor, Prof Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o underwent a delicate spinal cord surgery at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (JOOTRH) over the weekend.

The governor disclosed that the operation was very successful and expressed confidence in local medical facilities and staff.

Speaking about the procedure five days after his surgery, Nyong’o revealed that his relatives and friends held their breath as he checked into the hospital for the surgery meant to treat the severe pain in his spine.

“It was a scary moment because we are used to flying out of the country to high-end hospitals and this time, I turned to a home-grown solution. I salute the medics,’’ Nyong’o said.

Kisumu County Governor Prof Anyang Nyong’o undergoes surgery in Kisumu at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga County referral hospital. PHOTO/ Kepher Otieno

He claimed that many defied the Kisumu-based hospital named after Kenya’s first Vice-President Jaramogi Oginga Odinga saying it does not have the required personnel and equipment.

But to his amusement, they were set for such complicated surgeries.

“This is a milestone to us,’’ Nyong’o went on.

Prof Nyong’o was full of praise for the JOOTRH, staff, and a team of visiting surgeons for performing what he termed ‘a historic surgery at the biggest lakeside facility’.

“I am so happy. I am feeling very okay. I can now walk and sit with ease. Many people could not imagine such a surgery can be done in a public hospital,” said Nyong’o

Accompanied by his wife Dorothy Nyong’o and Kisumu Deputy Governor Mathews Owili, Nyong’o expressed gratitude to the team of doctors who performed the successful surgery.

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“Everything has gone extremely well and I am grateful to the hospital CEO Dr George Rae and his team for taking very good care of me at the facility,” said the governor.

“The visiting neurosurgery team led by Dr Bethwel Raore from Atlanta, together with the JOOTRH team have proven that with adequate skill development, complex surgeries can be performed successfully right here at home.”

The Governor said the neurosurgery team have been visiting JOOTRH regularly, annually for the past five years and was very grateful for their commitment.

“The ICU nurses were very caring and professional, especially Vincent Odingo. The ICU doctor, Dr Babu was on hand to receive me and advice on my care,’’ he said.

He also praised the nutritionist, Mary Oguta, who guided him and his wife- on what to eat for the first 24 hours.

“I am recovering very well with tremendous relief on my nerves, which were being compressed by tissue stenosis in a condition known as Cauda Equina Syndrome,” he said

The governor encouraged CECM for Medical Services, Dr Gregory Ganda and Dr Rae to continue to enhance the health services in Kisumu County at all levels in order to provide the best affordable health care for the public.

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“It is now very clear to me that even with the existing resources, both human and technical, we have the capacity to treat conditions that we sometimes shy away from and end up spending huge personal resources elsewhere,’’ he observed.

Team behind successful surgery

The neurosurgery team members who were involved in the surgical operation included surgeons Dr Bethwel Raore and Dr Lee Ogutha and anesthesiologists Dr Edwin Oduor, Dr Stephen Okello, and Dr Brian Sipul.

The operating room staff were Gladys Okwirry, Emmanuel Odede, Vincent, Ann, Emmanuel, Steve, Joel Robinson, Sharmaine Morrison, and Renuka Gowda.

The Kisumu Neuroscience initiative has been organized by Dr Bethwel Raore from Atlanta, Georgia, Dr Victor Awuor from Columbus, Ohio and Dr Timothy Ogutu from Dusseldorf, Germany.

All neurosurgeons make an annual quarterly rotation to JOOTRH to perform surgery and to provide training in order to increase local capabilities.

Prof Nyong’o said Dr Oluoch Olunya has been the main support and lead for the organization in Kenya.

Dr Olunya said the successful surgery on Prof Nyong’o was proof that JOOTRH can handle such surgeries with ease.

“We want you to come here for such surgeries. Nyong’o is now able to walk and talk and work. He was at work yesterday,’’ he affirmed.

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