Huge hunt launched for suspect behind death of prison officers

Huge hunt launched for suspect behind death of prison officers

Two F****h prison officers have been ki*led in an ambush on a prison van near Rouen in Normandy.

Prisoner Mohamed Amra – known as “The Fly” – was being taken from court to a prison when a c*r rammed the prison van at a toll booth.


G****n then opened fire at prison officers, with two officers ki*led and two c********y injured.

Several hundred police officers and gendarmes have been deployed to c*rry out a m*****t.

F****h President Emmanuel Macron wrote on X that “everything is being done to find the perpetrators”.

Prosecutors identifi*d the inmate who was freed as Mohamed Amra, born in 1994.

The wanted suspect. PHOTO/AFP

Amra was convicted of b******y on 10 May and had been indicted by prosecutors in Ma**ei*le for a k********g that led to a death.

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The 30-year-old inmate is said to have ties to a gang in the southern city of Ma**ei*le, which has been p****ed by d**g-related gang v******e.

At the time of the ambush which led to his escape he was being transported back to jail in the town of Évreux after attending a morning court hearing in Rouen.

The ambush took place around 11:00 (09:00 GMT) near a toll booth on the A154 motorway.

The officers were shot with “heavy w*****s” by the prisoner’s acc*mplices, according to F****h Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti.

The a*******s escap*d in a c*r which police believe they have now recovered, abandoned near the toll gate where the attack happened.

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Roadblocks have been set up across north-west France, with police following up on every tip-off.

Speaking to the media following a cri**s unit meeting, Mr Dupond-Moretti confirmed that two officers had di*d.

“One leaves behind a wife and two children who were meant to celebrate their 21st birthday in two days. The other leaves a wife who is five months pregnant,” he said.

“Everything – and I mean everything – wi*l be put in place to find the perpetrators of this vile cr*me,” Mr Dupond-Moretti said, adding that the perpetrators were “p****e for whom life has no value”.

They would be found and punished “in a way that is proportionate to the cr*me”, he said.