WATCH: Zuma’s Fans Caused Disruption When Mbalula Was Addressing, See What they Did

WATCH: Zuma’s Fans Caused Disruption When Mbalula Was Addressing, See What they Did


Although Zuma is no longer active in politics, the love he receives from people is outside this world. People still call him President Zuma, although he’s no longer in office. We saw that the masses could die for him; by the time he was arrested, people went out at large to strike for his release. It is true when they say that if you do good things, your name will be remembered till infinity. Although Zuma has been implicated in many corruption allegations, there are still people who want him to come back for the presidency.




Yesterday, the African National Congress was hosting the ANCYL 26th conference, where they were electing a new ANCYL President and cabinet. This came after there have been so many complaints that the youth league is being led by elders who don’t have anything good to give to the youth. Many top politicians were there to make sure that everything went well; people like Fikile Mbalula also showed up.

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The moment Fikile Mbalula was about to address the conference, Zuma’s followers did the unthinkable: they started singing and distracted Fikile from addressing. They were singing the same song that they always sing, “wenzeni u zuma,” which means what did Zuma do? They wanted to know the wrong things that he did for the current ANC leadership to hate him this much. Zuma’s followers always sing this song to cause distraction.

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Fikile Mbalula didn’t know what to do; he was just left confused. He told them to keep quiet so that he could address them, but they didn’t even listen to him. Is it true when they say the decision in the AC is huge and most of the people who support and live Zuma are those from Kwazulu Natal? They claim that Ramaphosa is the reason why Zuma was arrested, and they always play the tribalism card.



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