WATCH: Girl leaves people in stitches after making her grandmother dance to Amapiano song ” Bhebha”.

WATCH: Girl leaves people in stitches after making her grandmother dance to Amapiano song

Source: Lord of Knives.

At this point, I am pretty sure that almost every youngster in South Africa knows about the viral song called “Bhebha”. The song was made by Shaunmusiq and Ftears, and the song has even sparked quite a bit of a dance challenge on Tik Tok that a lot of young men and women have been participating in the viral dance. Although a lot of people haven’t been too supportive of the “Bhebha” dance challenges, because they believe the dances might be a little too provocative for them. Some youngsters have even posted videos of themselves dancing to “Bhebha” with their parents, and many of them have been under fire from people who are just not fans of the dance challenge.

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Speaking of youngsters making their parents dance to the “Bhebha” dance challenge, there is a video that has been getting quite a lot of attention on social, after it was posted on Tik Tok. The video has left a lot of people stunned, and some people just didn’t like the video at all, saying it is just disrespectful to parents out there.

The video shows a young lady dancing to “Bhabha”, and the most surprising part about the video is the fact that in the video the young lady had her grandmother dance to the song as she was doing. A lot of people found the video to be very funny.

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Some people in the comments liked the video, and a lot of them were even saying that grandparents and their grandkids are an unstoppable force. Some people even went as far as saying the video is very cute.



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