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Video: The EFF stormed the Hoerskool Ben Vorster school grounds to pick up Erhard Vorster, a racist white child, after he labeled Sonwabile, a black guy, a “EFF Kaffir” on live stream has learned that the EFF stormed Hoerskool Ben Vorster to retrieve racist white youngster Erhard Vorster after he labeled a black man, Sonwabile, ‘EFF Kaffir’ on a live stream.

The opposition party wrote: “The EFF Limpopo leadership, led by the Provincial Treasurer Fighter Tinyiko Manganyi engaged in a meeting with school management of Hoërskool Ben Vorster about the racist utterances of a student at the school, Erhard Vorster.”

Erhard Vorster is reportedly the son of Anneri Hoers, and he continues to attend Hoerskool Ben Vorster.

During a FaceTime session with a black South African man, Erhard Vorster, angrily called him Kaffir, which has caused serious stirs on social media in South Africa.

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Here’s little Racist Erhard Vorster enjoying hunting with his father Ben Vorster in 2015.

Mom: Anneri Hoers

School: Hoerskool Ben Vorster

email : [email protected]

tel : (015) 307-4490.


Kaffir (/ˈkæfər/), also spelled Cafri, is an exonym and an ethnic slur – the use of it in reference to black people being particularly common in South Africa. In Arabic, the word kāfir (“unbeliever”) was originally applied to non Muslims before becoming predominantly focused on pagan zanj (black African) who were increasingly used as slaves. During the Age of Exploration in early modern Europe, variants of the Latin term cafer (pl. cafri) were adopted in reference to non-Muslim Bantu peoples even when they were monotheistic. It was eventually used, particularly in Afrikaans (Afrikaans: kaffer), for any black person during the Apartheid and Post-Apartheid eras, closely associated with South African racism, it became a pejorative by the mid-20th century and is now considered extremely offensive hate speech.

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Punishing continuing use of the term was one of the concerns of the Promotion of Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act enacted by the South African parliament in the year 2000and it is now euphemistically addressed as the K-word in South African English.

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