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“They Are Heading For Another Wasted Decade” — Koko Matshela Throws Shade at ANCYL President

Koko Matshela has thrown shade at the ANCYL president for bringing Julius Malema into his speech, saying that the newly elected ANCYL president ought to have concentrated on important issues. The Newly elected ANCYL president Collen Malatji has been lambasted for calling out Julius Malema less than 48 hours after he was elected. Koko Matshela said that, “Instead of focusing on its program which has been chaotic for the last decade, the ANCYL chooses to focus on Julius Malema. At this rate, they are heading for another wasted decade”. However, it is not only Koko Matshela that has taken offence in the ANCYL president’s speech. Many people believe that it is too early for him to start attacking individuals, whereas there are many problems bedevilling the ANC youth league which he ought to be addressing by now. Someone wrote that he was not surprised, saying that it is the same script he is acting.

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Koko Matshela said that this is likely how the newly elected ANCYL president will be calling out people throughout his tenure instead of focusing on important issues and at the end he may not achieve anything. Another social media user said that this has become a pattern of the ANC. He said that the time the ANC Secretary-General, Fikile Mbalula used in talking about only Ace Magashule is much, saying that it is a repeated occurrence in all his speeches and addresses. He added, “What do you expect? Look at the ANC’s SG. The amount of time and energy he spent on Ace Magashule. This thing is dead, and we need to accept that. They can’t just stomach what Julius has become and a giant he is”. Someone also dropped this, “Their politics doesn’t exist without them mentioning Malema…They lack political education because they are stomach politicians and what is that information about Julius Malema he is talking about will help the youth who are unemployed instead of giving youth tangible, workable ideas he is here talking about another leader”. 

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