“Sisi Ndio Tunaumia Na Tulikupigia Kura” Ruto’s Coastal Supporter Speaks, Urges GOVT To Obey Court


A section of Kenyans from the coastal region have expressed reactions towards the decision by EPRA to increase fuel taxes despite of a previous court order. Majority of the coastal residents have expressed disappointment towards Ruto’s government.


While addressing the media, one of Ruto’s supporters from the coast noted that his water transport business is facing challenges due to the high cost of fuel prices. The resident who allegedly voted for Ruto has noted that he has been disappointed by the president for not delivering his campaign promises.

“Sisi Ndio tunaumia… sisi ndio tulimpatia rais wetu kura. Na kumpigia kura sisi tulikua tunataka mabadiliko na sasa vile mafuta yanatuumiza hivi hatujui tutaendelea vipi na tuko na mafamilia (We are the ones who are suffering…we voted for the president. Voting for him meant that we wanted changes but now we are suffering with the high fuel prices and we have families).” The coastal resident noted.

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On the other hand, another coastal resident has urged the Kenya Kwanza government to obey the court order that stopped the implementation of the 2023 finance act.

“It is to our surprise that we pay taxes for the MPs to make laws just for the government to come in and break the same law that costed us to implement. It’s very absurd and disturbing that the court can rule the implementation of the fuel price but just EPRA to come in and implement whatever they want and make it contrary to the judgement of the court.” The coastal resident noted.

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Meanwhile, this comes just a few days after the government agency dealing with fuel prices, EPRA, announced the increase of fuel prices by upto 16%. This contradicted a court order that urged the state not to implement the finance act which proposed increase in fuel taxes.


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