Junaid Breaks Into Tears After Getting Caught By Manyonyoba Intending To Sleep With A 17-Year-Old

Junaid Breaks Into Tears After Getting Caught By Manyonyoba Intending To Sleep With A 17-Year-Old

There are men in South Africa who seem to have some serious mental problems and they think they are normal when they go around asking young girls as young as 16 to sleep with them, they attracts them using different means including money, Peadophiles are lurong little kids day in day out, but some of them are finding themselves in some serious trouble when they are trapped right in the act by Moja Love Channel 157’s Manyonyoba where the Bishop Julius Moloi hunts down and catches such men with every evident that they had intentions to sleep with the kid just like Junaid who became hysterical after he was caught.

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After having fallen into a trap, Junaid set up an apointment with the young girl and he planned to have some fun with her, little did he know that Manyonyoba was on to him and he could not believe his eyes when they barged into the room he was in preparing to get it on with the 16-year-old girl.


When Bishop Moloi arrived with the crew, Junaid was all over the place and started to cry making all sorts of excuses, he begged to be forgiven and promised to never invve himself in such activities ever again, but Moloi was never prepare to listen to what he was saying except interrogating him.

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“I was raised well, I am a muslim, have never done such thing not have I been in jail and I will never do this again, I live with my Mom and she doesn’t work and I take care of her,” he said.


After catching him, he was told to call his mom and explain what he was caught doing, he then called her and she was shocked when he told her the situation he got himself into,

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