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EFF Leaders Resigned Because This Happened

**EFF Leaders Asked to Resign Following Failure to Organize Buses for Anniversary Event**

In a significant turn of events, leaders of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have been instructed to resign from their positions immediately after they failed to coordinate the arrangement of buses for attendees of the party’s 19th-anniversary celebration event. The decision to request these resignations was made during a two-day national executive committee meeting held by the EFF over the past weekend.

The announcement was made by Julius Malema, the Commander in Chief of EFF, during a press conference held after the conclusion of the meeting. Malema expressed the collective decision to remove approximately 200 leaders from their roles within the party due to their inability to follow the protocol assigned to them. This failure, as he emphasized, raises doubts about their competence to drive the change they advocate for in people’s lives.

“We can’t continue to trust individuals who have let us down in such a straightforward task. If they can’t even manage this, how can we expect them to bring about meaningful change? This is not about holding positions; it’s about serving the interests of the EFF and its mission,” said Malema during the press conference. He reiterated that those truly committed to the ideals of the EFF would continue as members, while those who merely sought positions would be stepping down.

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The EFF leadership’s swift action in this regard was seen as a preventive measure to avoid escalation to the disciplinary committee, which handles such matters. Malema noted that such a scenario could lead to further disruptions within the party and potentially harm its image.

Among the leaders instructed to resign are individuals holding positions in various spheres of government, including parliamentary members, provincial leaders, and councillors. Malema made it clear that any leader unwilling to step down would face a disciplinary hearing and, if necessary, immediate removal from the party.

Addressing concerns about the upcoming national elections, Malema dismissed the notion that removing these leaders would negatively impact the EFF’s campaign efforts. He reasoned that the failure to organize buses demonstrated a lack of commitment and competence, which could prove detrimental during a critical time.

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Malema also unveiled the EFF’s intent to challenge the South African Reserve Bank’s report that exonerated President Cyril Ramaphosa of allegations regarding the misappropriation of state funds. The report found no evidence of wrongdoing, as it concluded that no laws were violated by the president’s actions.

In response, Malema asserted that the party would challenge the report, alleging that state resources were being used to protect leaders facing corruption allegations. He indicated that the EFF would strive to ensure justice and accountability for the people.

Despite the impending challenges, Malema remained resolute, asserting that the EFF’s commitment to its mission would continue unabated. He underlined that the removal of leaders who were not upholding the party’s values would ultimately lead to a stronger, more dedicated core of individuals working towards the party’s goals.



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