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Wild deer causes multiple accidents on Chaiyapruek Road

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod

A wild deer unexpectedly appeared in the middle of Chaiyapruek Road, causing multiple accidents as it was hit by cars three times. Police officers from Chaiyapruek Police Station rushed to the scene last night after receiving reports of a deer being struck and killed by vehicles.

At the scene on Chaiyapruek Road, heading towards Ratchaphruek Road, near a convenience store in front of the Bang Phlap Subdistrict Municipality, police found a female deer lying dead by the roadside. Nearby, two damaged pickup trucks were discovered.

One was a white Isuzu with the registration plate 1ขต 5951 Bangkok showing significant damage to its left front side. The other vehicle, a white Toyota Revo with the registration 3 ฒค 6001 Bangkok, had a crushed front bumper with bloodstains, presumably from the injured deer.

Footage from the dashcam of the damaged Isuzu pickup revealed the deer running out from an alley beside the convenience store before being hit by the vehicle. The deer was thrown to the side of the road and remained motionless for about 10 minutes before it attempted to cross again, only to be struck by the refrigerated Toyota pickup.

Kanya, the 50 year old driver of the refrigerated pickup, recounted the incident, saying she was driving down the bridge in the right lane when the deer suddenly appeared, causing her to panic. She mentioned that the deer had already been hit by another vehicle before she struck it again.

She expressed surprise at the deer’s sudden appearance and decided to pull over to check on it. Onlookers informed her that the deer had been hit once before her vehicle collided with it.

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Road accident

Lai, a 59 year old witness, added that the deer had emerged from behind the market and attempted to cross the road. After being hit and managing to get up, it tried to cross to the other side, only to be struck again. The deer then attempted to cross back, resulting in a third collision before it finally succumbed to its injuries by the roadside.

Locals speculated that the deer likely belonged to a house about 1 kilometre away from the accident site. Police contacted the house, and an individual claiming to be the caretaker confirmed that the deer belonged to an employer who was currently abroad. The deer had escaped from the house around 4pm, and despite efforts to locate it, including offering a reward for information, no leads were found until police contacted them regarding the accident, reported KhaoSod.

Police have coordinated with the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation to confirm whether the deer was legally possessed, as deer are protected under the Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act of 1992. Possession of protected wildlife without permission is prohibited, and violators face penalties of up to four years in prison, a fine of up to 40,000 baht (US$ 1,100), or both.

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