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Ohio Educator Resigns – Double Life As Online Adult Content Creator Exposed

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Jennifer Ruziska resigned from Springfield High School in Ohio after being put on administrative leave when sexual content from her OnlyFans, Fansly and Instagram accounts were leaked. Guess you shouldn’t try to teach kids English and work as an online porn star at the same time.

Ruziska, 50, was an English teacher for 9th graders at the school, as well as the cheerleading coach and yearbook advisor, local news station WTVG reported. She served nearly 30 years with the school and made $74,720 annually. But apparently that wasn’t enough, so she supplemented her income with her online porn work.

Her Instagram account was called “jenniferssecrets” and the profile picture was her kneeling down in the bathroom in a red undie/bra set. The bio on the social media account, which has a link to her page, read, “If you like what you see but want more of me, check me out on Fansly and be one of my best kept secrets.”

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Superintendent Matt Geha sent a letter to Ruziscka when her images and accounts began to spread. He told Ruziscka in an email that “an online account which is open and available to the public for view that is maintained by you and includes sexualized images and videos of you.”

Geha said that Ruziscka violated the Licensure Code of Professional Conduct for Ohio Educators, Sections 1, 8 and 9 (h). As Daily Mail noted, “Section 9, which is labeled ‘Appropriate and Responsible Use of Technology’ stated: ‘While maintaining their constitutional rights, educators recognize that when using technology, the words they choose and the context of their statements can reflect negatively on the positions, schools and the profession.’”

Yeah, I’d say Ruziscka’s posts are in violation of that…

She was placed on administrative leave as of Monday, January 29 with her last day in the classroom being the Friday before, January 26.

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In a February 2 letter to the Ohio Board of Education, Geha said that he became aware of the poor conduct on January 26 when he got word that Ruziscka was operating a “pornographic/sexually explicit website.” 

Ruziscka had a disciplinary hearing set for January 31, but ended up resigning before the hearing. Here’s what Ruziscka said in a statement she told WTOL 11, another local news station. 

In William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, as Juliet laments Romeo being a Montague, the only son of her family’s great enemy, she recognizes, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. Likewise, people can label me anything they want to; however, it doesn’t change the commendable level of dedication and exemplary work ethic I execute as an educator.  Regardless of what I do in my private life for the sake of keeping a roof over my family’s head and a car parked in the garage, I remain one of the greatest English teachers ever to serve in the Springfield Local School District. My students learn to value their personal and academic growth in my classroom, which is an environment where they are embraced for their individuality, they are engaged to apply their talents, and they are enlightened about their true potential. The numerous accolades and recognition I have earned over the 28 years I spent in SLS is evidence of that.

The fact that this educator was acting in such a way is really disturbing considering the authority and influence she had over kids. But the fact that she seemed to express no guilt or remorse is even more troubling.

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