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Nominated senator Karen Nyamu and her partner, Mugithi star Samidoh recently featured on an episode of “The Bahati’s Empire” on Netflix.

The pair provided some candid advice to YouTuber Diana Marua. The drama unfolded when Diana discovered her husband, Bahati, in a compromising situation with well-endowed video vixens.

A visibly upset Diana Marua approached Nyamu and Samidoh for guidance.

“I found Bahati with well-endowed ladies. He was holding them as they twerked for him. The issue is not even the size but the disrespect I saw. I was like, how did it get this far even if it is work?” Diana dramatically exclaimed.

Nyamu, known for her forthright nature, advised Diana not to overreact.

“Your problem is women twerking for your husband, yet he is working? Maybe he is not their type, and you are here complaining. The vixens are there to be paid, and maybe they are not interested in Bahati. That is a very small issue,” she explained, urging Diana to view the situation from a different perspective.

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Bahati and Diana Marua during the launch of “The Bahati Empire”

Adding a touch of humor, Nyamu expressed surprise at Diana’s concerns.

“Inakuuma? Hio ni kitu ndogo sana na mimi usiwahi niita tena. Niite kitu kubwa mimi nilidhani ata Baha ako na dem. Nilitaka kukuuliza how serious are they nikufunze kuwa co-wife.”

This loosely translates to, “Do not call me again for such things. Call me when Bahati has done something serious. I thought there was another girl involved so I could teach you how to manage having a co-wife.”

Karen Nyamu was alluding to her own situation with Samidoh, who is also married to his first wife, Edday Nderitu. Edday currently resides in the U.S., having relocated after stating she would have died if she had stayed in Kenya. Edday reportedly acquired a refugee visa with the help of content creator Bernice Saroni.

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Samidoh, a close friend of Bahati, echoed Nyamu’s sentiments, assuring Diana that Bahati’s actions were strictly professional.

Karen Nyamu Brags about Samidoh Paying International School Fees

During the launch of “The Bahati’s Empire,” Senator Karen Nyamu praised the earning potential of creatives, using her partner Samidoh as an example of success.

“My kids are in international schools. Na shule inalipwa by a creative. Si unajua baba ya watoto wangu? Na analipa international schools. The best in the country. (My babydaddy, a creative, pays school fees for the kids in an International school- the best in the country.)” she said.

She emphasized the opportunities in the Kenyan entertainment industry, encouraging creatives to seize them.

“So you guys have huge potential. Nyinyi ndio mnaweza kuwa masos of the country. (You creatives have the potential to be the richest in the country.”

We can all wish to be in that space because of the kind of money you can make.”

Nyamu also heaped praise and advise to Eddie Butita. She praised the comedian, who had previously described himself as Ruto’s go-to contact for all creative matters on the ground, as a role model for industry success.

“Msiende hapo kucheka cheka na President and our leaders wa enjoy. You have an agenda. Do not forget, and keep pushing until everything is all the deliverables because you have passionate leaders who you should take advantage of.”

By Vivian K.

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