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Kenyan musician Kevin Bahati has addressed the uproar caused by a viral photo of his wife, Diana Marua, with football star Victor Wanyama. The image, which resurfaced online in 2020, sparked rumors and speculation about Marua’s relationship with Wanyama.

The Wanyama and Diana Marua Photo

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The Victor Wanyama and Diana Marua photo

Bahati posted the controversial photo of Wanyama and Diana Maruai on June 3, 2024, across all his social media platforms. He explained that the intention behind posting the photo was to generate buzz for their new Netflix show, “The Bahati’s Empire.”

“The reason we posted it is because people always want to use it. You give people what they want. Kenyans want to feed a lot of negative energy, and we have been quiet,” Bahati said.

When asked if he consulted Wanyama before sharing the image, Bahati explained that he did not find it necessary due to their friendship.

“Why should I ask Wanyama if I can post the photo while it is him and his friend? Let me tell you something. I never said anything. Wanyama and Mariga are my friends. I even campaigned for Mariga in Kibra,” Bahati stated.

Misunderstandings and Media Frenzy

image 10 4image 10 4
Bahati and Diana Marua

Bahati revealed that his decision to remain silent about the rumors was often misunderstood. He believes that sometimes addressing such issues directly can help clarify misunderstandings but chose a different approach to avoid adding fuel to the fire.

“At times you see rumours, and when you are quiet, they fuel more rumours. But when you show people that it’s normal, they will keep quiet,” he said.

Bahati on Protecting Family

One of the primary reasons Bahati chose to stay silent was to protect his family, particularly his son Morgan Bahati, who he adopted in 2014 aged two.

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He felt that addressing the rumors would not be beneficial and instead opted for a more humorous and sarcastic approach.

“Most of my fans know that I adopted my son. When the photo was trending a while back, I don’t think Wanyama had a thick skin like I have, and so one day it was trending, and it’s a cruel social media world. It got to him. If I came out to address it, it would not help anyone. I chose to be sarcastic about it and move on,” Bahati explained.

Wanyama Addresses the Rumors

Last year, Victor Wanyama reacted strongly to doctored images of him and two other celebrities, KRG The Don and Abel Mutua in a photo of the Bahatis that was trending on X.

Wanyama expressed his displeasure by reposting a tweet from Wesley Kibande and condemning the altered image.

image 10 6image 10 6
A photoshopped pic of the Bahatis

The footballer was frustrated by the thoughtless actions and demanded they stop immediately.

“This foolishness needs to stop now!” Wanyama wrote.

He is married to actress Serah Teshna, and they have a son together.

image 10 7image 10 7
Victor Wanyama, Serah Teshna, and their son.

Diana Marua Speaks

Diana Marua, who denied ever dating the footballer, also shared her thoughts on the public’s reaction to the photo and her friendships. She questioned why people felt they could dictate who she could be friends with and expressed her frustration over the unwarranted scrutiny.

“You don’t want me to have friends? I can’t take pictures with people, or is it because he is a celebrity?” Marua asked.

She credited her husband for teaching her to ignore public opinion and focus on what truly matters.

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“My husband has taught me to learn to die in public opinion. The same people who praise you today will hate you tomorrow. It’s a cruel world. We ignore trolls most of the time,” she said.

By Vivian K.

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