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Read the creepy note I found taped to a pole in my small town near Byron Bay: ‘Don’t be shy’

A man’s long-winded advert offering ‘free sensual massages’ to ‘women of any age’ has left locals feeling uncomfortable and looking for creeps.

The note, which urged women ‘not to be shy’, was taped to a utility pole on the main street of Murwillumbah, a small town near Byron Bay.

One woman’s protective partner noticed it and broke it off.

The note read: “Hello, my name is (redacted), I am an adult male offering free sensual massages to women Monday through Thursday.

‘I am very experienced and discreet and can make myself available during the day if necessary. Age doesn’t matter.’

This advertisement was placed on a pole on the main street of a small town

He explained how a shower and towels would be available, adding that he would be happy to meet for a coffee or send a photo to make inquiring women feel more comfortable.

“I’m curious and playful, I love sensual touching and giving long, slow massages,” he wrote.

He said he wanted quality over quantity.

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“If you’re feeling stressed and tired or just fancy a full body massage, call or text me… please take me up on my free offer,” he wrote.

Murwillumbah is located just north of the famous tourist hotspot Byron Bay and has a population of approximately 10,000.

The note became popular gossip in the city before it was posted online.

Those who saw it were quick to comment on the man’s “gigantic red flags.”

“Stay tuned for next week’s episode of Criminal Minds,” one woman wrote on the post.

“At first I thought, oh yeah, it could be a business, but as I read on I became more speechless,” said another.

“Probably uses embalming fluid for massage oil,” a third added.

One claimed the note was simply an “escort service in disguise,” but people dismissed that idea.

‘Wrong. Escorts do not work for free. He’s just a creepy dude trying to fulfill a fet/kink he has,” one person said.

But some seemed enthusiastic.

“Honestly, my back hurts so bad that part of me looks like…” one woman joked.

‘I’ve only been to Murwillumbah ten times and absolutely loved it. I may be back sooner than I thought, thanks,’ wrote another.

And for some, the ad hit a little too close to home.

“I’m not the one reading this and realizing my friend has the same name and is from Murwillumbah,” one woman wrote.

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