Pro-Palestinian protesters take over Cal State LA building, leaving damage and graffiti

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A takeover of a building at California State University, Los Angeles, by pro-Palestinian protesters has ended, leaving the building vandalized and covered in graffiti

LOS ANGELES — A takeover of a building at California State University, Los Angeles, by protesters Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza ended early Thursday, leaving the facility vandalized and covered in graffiti, TV news reports showed.


Pro-Palestinian protesters barricaded the multi-story student services building on Wednesday and workers were told to take shelter, but it was empty by Thursday morning, university spokesman Erik Frost Hollins said.

“What I can tell you at this time is that the building is clear of employees and protesters and the building is safe,” said Frost Hollins, who did not immediately provide details of what happened that night.

The university posted a “protest action alert” on its website, announcing that all classes and activities on the main campus would be conducted remotely until further notice and asking people to stay away.

Images from the scene showed graffiti on the building, furniture blocking doorways and overturned golf carts, picnic tables and umbrellas barricading the front plaza.

The CSULA Gaza Solidarity Encampment, a group that has camped near the campus gym for about 40 days, sent an email indicating members were organizing a sit-in at the building, Hollins said.



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