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Iconic Texas store loved by Drake abruptly shutters after two decades

Pinto Ranch, a popular Texas retailer that sells stylish cowboy hats and boots, has abruptly closed three locations after two decades in business.

The upscale Western clothing store posted a sign on the door of its Houston location sometime last week that read, “This store is closed until further notice.”

Pinto Ranch, which is frequented by rapper Drake and singer-actress Letoya Luckett, also has locations in Dallas and Houston’s George Bush Airport, both of which are also closed. ABC13 reported.

Even stranger is that the Houston location on Post Oak Blvd is still fully stocked, the racks full of clothing and the mannequins still decked out.

Pinto Ranch owner Guido Caranti was not very clear about his plans for the business and was unsure whether to close it permanently.

Drake wears a tassel coat at the Houston location, which opened in 2004

“We’re looking at that,” he said. “It’s not the time to talk to journalists about this.”

The closure out of nowhere comes after the company announced a 25 percent discount across the site on June 7.

Customers who recently purchased clothing left comments on the store’s Instagram complaining about canceled orders, to which Pinto Ranch’s account did not respond.

“I’m trying to trade a pair of cowboy boots because they are too small and no response after several attempts,” one person wrote.

‘Calling and emailing has no effect.’

Pinto Ranch’s website is still active and it appears the retailer is still open.

Nowhere on the site is there any mention of the closure of the three locations. But when a customer tries to place an order, a pop-up appears that says, “This store cannot currently accept payments.”

A number of people showed up at the Houston location on Monday, but were met with a closed door and dark inside. They told ABC13 there is no store like Pinto Ranch and said they hope this isn’t the end.

The flagship store in Houston opened in February 2004, and Dallas got its own location three years later.

For more than 20 years, Pinto Ranch has sold Western clothing, including hats and handmade cowboy boots for men and women.

Drake boosted the store’s visibility last year with a surprise visit in December, where he tried on a brown jacket with no shortage of tassels.

A handwritten sign warns customers that the Houston Pinto Ranch is closed until

A handwritten sign warns customers that the Houston Pinto Ranch is closed until “further notice.”

Pinto Ranch appears to be yet another victim in the nearly 2,600 store closures so far in 2024.

In recent weeks, Walmart has closed three more of its underperforming locations, while Rite Aid is letting go of another 27 pharmacies.

Dollar stores appear to be the hardest hit, with 99 Cents Only announcing in April that it would close all 371 locations in California, Texas, Arizona and Nevada.

Likewise, 1,000 Family Dollars and Dollar Trees will be permanently closed in the coming years.



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