Worst dressed celebrities at the Durban July according to Twitter users

Worst dressed celebrities at the Durban July according to Twitter users

On weekend was the Durban July Festival, and the theme was out of this world, which meant celebs had to be creative with what they wore. They had to be extraordinary, some did and some didn’t. Twitter users also shared their thoughts on what celebrities are wearing.


TV personality Somizi had different outfits including this blue one. Twitter users stated the outfit was indeed as the theme said however the shoes did not really go well with the costume. https://twitter.com/RealMTshabalala/status/1675280772981293107?t=4lDYjixC3FGl12b1eYW1sw&s=19

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Kgomotso Ndungane ‘s dress was considered to be to courful https://twitter.com/YomzuluNtomb/status/1675190491925676033?t=hbdtPmBCNtmM35id8gYoLg&s=19


Actress Brenda Mhlongo attended with this lime dress and one user wrote that it looked like she was attending church meaning she didn’t follow the theme. https://twitter.com/uMantuli_/status/1675440594263343104?t=ozoYTID40lQ_4gi1PPNFdA&s=19


The Qwabe twins attended in this matching dresses and Twitter users mentioned that they could have won different outfits.


Nonku Williams wore this Kardashian inspired look and Twitter users wrote that the Black romper she included ruined the whole outfit. https://twitter.com/ChrisEcxel102/status/1675202139314896898?t=bE_wiEyeSD7rTVrB17qM1A&s=19

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Singer Makhadzi came wearing this dark dress with black feathers and user stated that the dress looked like a a black road runner ‘s feathers.https://twitter.com/yakbrandon/status/1675420840337240064?t=cXH3UtR8jaSGjG9DWBCjMg&s=19


The Durban reality star came in this blue lacy dress and one Twitter users said she could have went for a different material. https://twitter.com/MusaThePope/status/1675187853985284097?t=WWRMT0ar-CbK0mU1BQG6Cw&s=19


Twitter users wrote that the dress was too simple for the theme. https://twitter.com/Quon_Dumi/status/1675753421914112000?t=zyBKY1kceZyNH9et9DDCZA&s=19



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