Watch: Thato and Gash1 at the dentist

Watch: Thato and Gash1 at the dentist



Thato and Gash1 are former Big Brother mzansi contestant who went very far in the competition. They were also part of the top ten and Gash1 also went as far as being a runner up of the show.

During the show however they started falling in love with each other and were together up until this day. They also ended up getting married to each other which showed the their love for each other was genuine and not only for the show.



Recently however Thato posted a video of herself and Gash1 at the dentist. After posting this video Thato even mentioned that this will also serve as proof that she is coming back on YouTube and will share the links of her channel on her bio on Instagram.

Surely Thato fans will be thrilled to hear these news. However some people on social media were stating that they love this relationship between Gash1 and Thato, as they seem to do things together.

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made after seeing this video.6a185ee066ac4423908d7642b24b64cc?quality=uhq&resize=720


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