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VIDEO: President Ramaphosa was seen dancing and others are not happy with him

President Ramaphosa was seen dancing on a video, and a lot of people have commented on how they felt about it. They are not happy for their own president to have that kind of a moment, which it can be for anyone who would see it as very amazing. It comes from how they are not happy with the country’s state and their is a lot of people who are who are being allegedly reported with criminal activities under his own cabinet. Even the very same person who is a president has a legal matter about the Phala-Phala farm, where a lot of cash was found on his private property.

There are a lot of government employees who were not expected to have the same online presence as any other person, and they are being expected to behave in certain ways. The president of South Africa or anybody else in that position is not expected to have the lifestyle of a DJ or actor. It would make their lives look ungoverned probarly, leaving a lot of people unhappy. That is something about which MacG and Solphenduka had a conversation on the podcast. Everyone has their own way of expecting the president to be seen in that particular way by the public, and maybe people should learn that a lifestyle has changed. People cannot live the same way as they did before.1c066e0f16dc45c9a8f7af8274eba751?quality=uhq&resize=720

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“President Cyril Ramaphosa did not hold back about the unhappiness of African countries with the West during his closing remarks to world leaders at the New Global Financing Pact summit in Paris, France on Friday. Let me immediately say we recognize the many initiatives that have been put on the table and a number of countries here have done so. Germany has gone out of their way to put a number of initiatives, and the US has also done a number of things. But there have been times when we felt like we were beggars. I played a key role as chair of the AU during the COVID period. We felt like we were beggars when it came to vaccine availability. We felt we needed access to vaccines and the northern hemisphere countries had bought all the vaccines in the world and they were hogging them and they didn’t want to release them at the time when we needed them most,” he said.

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“[French] President [Emmanuel] Macron, we want to address another issue which to us is a bit of a negative,” said Ramaphosa.



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