Veteran Actor Sues Market Theatre Over Alleged Discrimination Appointment

Veteran Actor Sues Market Theatre Over Alleged Discrimination Appointment

Renowned actor Sello Maake Kancube is making headlines as he takes legal action against The Market Theatre, challenging their decision to appoint someone else as the artistic director instead of him. This move has raised concerns about transparency and fairness in the selection process.


Sello Maake Kancube, a veteran actor with an illustrious career, has taken The Market Theatre to the court after being snubbed for the role of artistic director. The decision to hire Greg Homann instead has sparked controversy, with allegations of anti-transformation sentiments.

Kancube’s decision to pursue legal action comes after unsuccessful attempts to reach an agreement with The Market Theatre during pre-trial conferences. The theatre’s legal team reportedly refused to disclose the scoring details and other crucial information regarding the selection process.

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The heart of the matter lies in the refusal to share the scoreboard, which Kancube’s advocate, Makayla Pillay, argued should be made public. The lack of transparency has fueled speculation that the selection process might not have been entirely fair.

Kancube has raised concerns about bias, particularly regarding Homann’s advantage due to his previous work with The Market Theatre. Kancube suggests that the position may have been predestined for someone else even before the official advertisement.


They could have come clean and stated that this job had a face, a name and surname before it was even advertised he said.


The actor also questions the criteria used for selection, including age, as Homann was reportedly considered younger and more suitable for the role. Kancube emphasizes that if these factors were indeed considered, they should have been disclosed transparently.

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The legal battle between Sello Maake Kancube and The Market Theatre sheds light on the challenges surrounding transparency, fairness, and diversity in the entertainment industry. Kancube’s pursuit of justice in this case serves as a reminder of the importance of equitable selection processes and the need for institutions to address concerns raised by respected individuals within the field. The outcome of this legal action could potentially influence how future appointments are conducted in the arts sector.


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