“Stop Calling Raila Baba” Kenyans Told To Shorten Life Of His Final Surrender


The former prime minister, Raila Odinga, and Dr. Miguna Miguna have never been on good terms after the 2018 general election, which saw Miguna deported. On that note, the Dr. has called out Kenyans to stop calling the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition leader his nickname, Baba. 



Miguna urged Kenyans to shorten the retirement age of the outspoken opposition leader.

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Following his participation in the unofficial swearing-in of opposition leader Raila Odinga as “the people’s president,” Kenya deported lawyer and opposition supporter Miguna Miguna.


Compliance with court orders is not optional but a constitutional obligation,” Mr. Maraga said in an unprecedented statement.


The government had earlier ignored court demands to lift a suspension on Kenyan TV channels, which it took off-air ahead of Mr. Odinga’s “inauguration.”

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Since then, the lawyer has been throwing jibes at the Nyanza kingpin since his arrival in the country after the Kenya Kwanza government won elections.1c4095c3c4bd4cd5bd049fa7ddd0607a?quality=uhq&resize=720

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