Straightforward Benefits of Transparency: The ANCWL’s Concerns Over Dlamini’s Associations

Straightforward Benefits of Transparency: The ANCWL's Concerns Over Dlamini's Associations


The ANCWL (African National Congress Women’s League) is a political organization that has been a subject of controversy due to its involvement in the African National Congress (ANC) and its advocacy for women’s rights and gender equality. The ANCWL is concerned about Bathabile Dlamini’s relationship with Cyril Ramaphosa and Fikile Mbalula, as their previous conflicts and disagreements may compromise their political agenda and lead to Dlamini aligning with their rival factions within the party.

The ANCWL has made statements urging Dlamini to distance herself from Ramaphosa and Mbalula, fearing that her association with them may undermine their efforts to push for gender equality within the ANC. This opposition could potentially harm Dlamini’s political career, weakening her support base within the party and creating divisions and tensions. This opposition may also affect Dlamini’s credibility and reputation among party members who prioritize gender equality.

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If the ANCWL’s concerns are not addressed, it may result in Dlamini facing backlash and criticism from women’s rights organizations and activists outside the party, further damaging her standing within the broader political landscape. Therefore, Dlamini must carefully navigate her relationships with Ramaphosa and Mbalula to ensure she doesn’t lose the support of both influential figures and the ANCWL.

In November, Bathabile Dlamini’s application to have perjury charges set aside was dismissed by the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court. Dlamini argued that there was no evidence presented by the State that she committed the offence of perjury or lied under oath.

The case stems from the repeated extensions of an unlawful tender awarded to Cash Paymaster Services (CPS) to distribute the department’s social grants in 2017. Dlamini is accused of giving false evidence under oath at an inquiry instituted by the Constitutional Court in 2018 into the payments fiasco at the SA Social Security Agency (Sassa).

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The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokesperson, Phindi Mjonondwane, said the prosecution team presented overwhelming evidence upon which a reasonable court, acting carefully, may convict. The magistrate, Betty Khumalo, presided over the matter and said there were two contradictory statements that the court could not ignore.

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