Radio Host Dineo Rakana’s Return to Airwaves Uncertain Amid Battle with Severe Chronic Depression

Radio Host Dineo Rakana's Return to Airwaves Uncertain Amid Battle with Severe Chronic Depression

Radio Host Dineo Rakana Faces Uncertainty About Returning to the Airwaves After Battling Severe Chronic Depression


Dineo Rakana, a popular radio host and Sangoma, has been absent from the airwaves due to an emotional breakdown that led to her hospitalization and subsequent diagnosis of Severe Chronic Depression. Discussions are currently ongoing between Rakana and her employers at Kaya 959 radio station regarding her potential return or allowing Sizwe Dhlomo to continue filling in for her in recent weeks during her sick leave.

Rakana took time off after bravely opening up about her mental health struggles. She expressed empathy towards those who contemplate suicide and shared her own experience of admitting herself to a mental wellness hospital. However, after suspecting a patient was taking videos of her during her recovery, she decided to leave the hospital earlier than anticipated. Rakana has since revealed that she has been diagnosed with Severe Chronic Depression, but she no longer feels suicidal.

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The radio host acknowledged the dangers of being a high-functioning person with depression and shared her physical symptoms, including in-sleep seizures, difficulty waking up, bladder control issues, confusion, self-harming thoughts, lack of energy, and a profound sense of empathy for those who have taken their own lives. Despite the challenges, Rakana expressed gratitude for being alive and emphasized her belief in the curability of depression.

Reports suggest that Rakana has been engaged in discussions with Kaya 959 management about her potential return to the station. However, a colleague has indicated doubts about her eventual comeback, noting that while she loves the show, Rakana has expressed a desire not to return. The colleague also mentioned the challenges faced by Rakana’s co-host, Sol Phenduka, in her absence. While Rakana is under a three-year contract with Kaya 959, she reportedly wishes to terminate it, leading to ongoing negotiations for a mutual separation. As of now, it appears unlikely that she will return to the airwaves.

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At the time of publication, Dineo Rakana was unavailable for comment.


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