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Picture of Thato had people on social media with a lot to say


Thato is a former Big Brother mzansi season 3 contestant. She was also part of the top ten of the show. During the show she was in a relationship with one of her fellow housemate Gash1. Their relationship continued even after the show ended. They even ended up getting married which showed that their relationship was genuine and not just only for the show.


Thato posted a picture of herself lately on social media. After people saw this picture of Thato they stated that she has a great body. Others were also mentioning the fact that she looked very beautiful in this picture. Thato was also very appreciative of the compliments people gave her after they saw this picture she posted. Others were commenting with heart emojis to show the love that they have for her.

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made after seeing this picture Thato posted.



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