Mzansi: EFF President Julius Malema Saddened By A Video Of A white Man Assaulting African Old Lady

Mzansi: EFF President Julius Malema Saddened By A Video Of A white Man Assaulting African Old Lady

Mara why?.The EFF is appealing to members of the public to assist with information which may include the address where the disturbing incident captured in the video footage below took place.

many people were saddened by the video of a white man assaulting an old African lady who was sitting down while being assaulted.


The economic freedom fighters has been fighting about the rights of and the

Below are comments made by people.

to be honest we need to stand up and fight racism in this country because it’s even updated to still talk about racism.

because racism belong to the past the current problems that we are facing who were supposed to stand up and fight unemployment and solve inequality.

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But we still have people that want to take us back to be focusing on racism those are the type of people that don’t deserve to be within our society.

How can you hit what I thought an old person like that my favourite sport is that less of your race, gender or your background money or status.

It’s a shame that we still have such people in our society and we encourage people to report them so that we can remove them in our society.

I couldn’t even finish watching it. The ill-treatment is uncalled for in this day and age. I hope that the person who is responsible for this gets punished.

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My mind is disturbed by watching this video really breaking my heart .

I hope and wish he can be located, imagine how many go through unrecorded and shared like this.61a5b2713b264af0a1a54c8e35e1c9fc?quality=uhq&resize=720

I noticed people didn’t bother even to celebrate Nelson Mandela 67min day. South Africa is not yet free and I’m telling you people are still waiting for another real Mandela who will give them true freedom.

Philani Phoswa how do we celebrate 67 min while people are not working and hunger killing them?.


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