One Of My Fears Aside Being Broke Is Being Mocked At My Back By People I Care About” -Yetunde Bakare

One Of My Fears Aside Being Broke Is Being Mocked At My Back By People I Care About

Nollywood actress Yetunde Bakare recently shared on social media that, apart from her concern about financial instability, she also has an apprehension of being ridiculed by individuals she cares about, without her awareness of such mockery. Yetunde Bakare is a well-known Yoruba actress and entrepreneur.


In her message, posted on her official Instagram story as seen in a screenshot below, the mother of one expressed that, in addition to her financial concerns, she’s also uneasy about the prospect of others making fun of her behind her back—especially people she deeply values. She mentioned not wanting to imagine their potential conversations and laughter at her expense.

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Yetunde Bakare concluded her message by noting that these individuals might ultimately dismiss the matter by saying she’ll be alright, after having engaged in gossip about her. She acknowledged that such scenarios are not uncommon in today’s world.

Yetunde Bakare’s statement, “Beyond my concern for financial stability, another fear is the thought of those I genuinely care about mocking me in my absence.

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“I cannot even begin to imagine the nature of their conversations and the laughter that might ensue… and then it might end with remarks like ‘It’s just our friend; she’ll manage!’

“Perhaps I’ve watched too much African Magic Yoruba, but these situations do arise nowadays.”

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