Iyanya Seeks Fans’ Prayers for Finding Life Partner

Iyanya Seeks Fans' Prayers for Finding Life Partner

Renowned Nigerian singer, Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk, affectionately known as Iyanya, has candidly reached out to his fans, urging them to join him in prayer for his imminent marital journey. The 36-year-old artist has expressed his sincere eagerness to embark on the journey of marriage and is seeking the blessings of his supporters as he embarks on this significant life step.

Iyanya’s heartfelt revelation unfolded during his appearance on the latest episode of the “Tea With Tay” podcast, skillfully hosted by the talented actor Temisan Emmanuel Ahwieh, fondly referred to as Taymesan. The spirited conversation shed light on Iyanya’s personal aspirations and his desire to transition into the realm of married life.


The singer, celebrated for his hit song “Kukere,” extended a heartfelt plea to his fans, asking for their prayers to be directed toward his current relationship. He emphasized his deep wish that God guides him on the path to settling down, ideally within the confines of this year. Iyanya’s appeal to his fanbase underscores his genuine yearning for companionship and the emotional fulfillment that marriage promises.

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During the candid podcast conversation, Iyanya shared his thoughts with Taymesan, addressing the spiritual aspect of his quest. He referred to Taymesan as “spirit-filled” and playfully urged him to channel his spiritual energy into fervent prayer for the success of Iyanya’s relationship endeavors. The singer’s interaction with Taymesan provided an endearing glimpse into his personality and his openness about his life journey.

Taymesan, offering his perspective, advised Iyanya against rushing into marriage, suggesting that divine timing is at play. He playfully projected a potential wedding date of 2025 or 2026, reminding Iyanya that the pursuit of marriage doesn’t necessitate haste. This light-hearted exchange between the two personalities encapsulated the common wisdom that relationships and marriages require careful cultivation and a profound sense of divine alignment.

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The ensuing conversation led to playful banter, with both individuals sharing humorous remarks and projecting future scenarios. Iyanya’s enthusiastic response to Taymesan’s jesting conveyed his genuine excitement and eagerness to embrace the institution of marriage sooner rather than later.

In summary, Iyanya’s heartfelt appeal to his fans for prayers reflects his authenticity as an artist and as an individual with genuine desires for personal fulfillment. His conversation on the podcast offered a relatable and endearing insight into his journey, showcasing the intricate balance between ambition, spirituality, and the journey toward finding love and companionship. As Iyanya’s fans rally behind him with their well wishes, the singer’s message serves as a reminder of the universal aspirations and dreams that connect us all.

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