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Who Was Ambassador Daniel Koikai? Prolific Career Of The Late Jahmby’s Father

Ambassador Koikai’s death came a day after he publicly asked his late daughter for forgiveness for his shortcomings as a father.

The late media personality and Reggae MC Mary Njambi Koikai’s father, Ambassador Daniel Koikai, reportedly died on Friday, June 14, on the day his daughter was laid to rest.

While the family is still yet to issue a statement confirming his demise by the time of publication, Ghetto Radio, a former employer of Jahmby, was the first to announce that Ambassador Koikai died under unclear circumstances.

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Ambassador Koikai’s death came a day after he publicly asked his late daughter for forgiveness for his shortcomings as a father.

“A time has come for me to atone for my acts of omission and commission. It has been one of the most difficult episodes in my life, especially for your close family, your mum, sisters, aunts, uncles, colleagues in the media, and friends in and out of the country,” he expressed.

A screenshot image of father to late Jahmby Koikai speaking to local media at Saint Church on June 8. /PHOTO

It was only when Jahmby was in high school that they had the opportunity to reconnect. Ambassador Koikai recounted, “It is only when you got to Form One and I was back in the country that we were able to meet when you came to the office to look for me.”

Viral Tea takes a look at Ambassador Koikai’s life and work as a diplomat and the countries where he has served.


Ambassador Koikai joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1983. Early evidence of his career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs suggests that he served as the Second Secretary of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Kenya to the United Nations Office in Geneva, Switzerland.

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During this time he represented Kenya in many engagements, including the 1991 Conference on Disarmament, which was deemed significant because it continued the efforts of the international community to control and reduce nuclear weapons.

The CD’s work on various agenda items aimed at preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and promoting disarmament and arms control.

Its efforts in 1991 built upon the progress made in previous years and laid the groundwork for future disarmament negotiations.

He also represented Kenya at the Ad Hoc Group of Governmental Experts to Identify and Examine Potential Verification Measures from a Scientific and Technical Standpoint, commonly referred to as VEREX, which was established in 1991 by the Third Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC).

VEREX’s mandate was to “identify and examine potential verification measures from a scientific and technical standpoint” to determine whether a state party is developing, producing, stockpiling, acquiring or retaining biological agents or toxins for non-peaceful purposes.

He has served as an ambassador to Nigeria. He was appointed as a counsellor after serving at the High Commission in London, U.K.

He has served as an ambassador to Liberia. In 2008 he presented his credentials to then-President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

He has also served as a director in the Kenya Southern Sudan Liaison Office.

He is a holder of the Elder of the Burning Spear Award, given by former President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2018.

Collage of the late Jahmby Koikai’s father speaking at her memorial on June 13, 2024. /CLASSIC FM


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