“Swahili vs. English” Presidents Ruto, Samia, and Larry Lighten the Mood with Language Banter


President William Ruto, Samia Suluhu Hassan of Tanzania, and Larry engaged in a playful exchange over the use of Swahili and English in their respective countries. This lighthearted banter occurred during a recent international summit and offered a refreshing break from the usual diplomatic discussions.

The good-natured exchange centered around the language choices in their nations. Swahili and English play pivotal roles in Kenya and Tanzania, with Swahili being the national language in both countries. In contrast, English is the dominant language in the world.

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This light-hearted conversation provided a glimpse into the cultural and linguistic diversity of these nations. In Kenya and Tanzania, it is used in education, administration, and daily life, fostering national unity. On the other hand, English serves as the global lingua franca, giving Kenya an advantage on the international stage.

According to linguistic experts, the choice of language can significantly impact a nation’s identity and global influence. Swahili’s widespread use in East Africa demonstrates the region’s commitment to preserving its rich heritage, while the United States’ global reach is bolstered by its dominance of the English language.

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President Ruto remarked, “Swahili connects us to our roots, and it’s a source of pride for Kenyans and Tanzanians alike.”

President Samia concurred, stating, “Indeed, Swahili has played a vital role in fostering unity and understanding in our region.”

What are your thoughts on the use of languages in different countries? Share your opinions and experiences in the comments below. Let’s continue this engaging conversation.


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