“Si Atatukata?” Ruto Reacts After Vihiga Residents Shouts Out A Funny Nickname Of Their MP.


Vihiga County residents from the constituency of Luanda have made President William Ruto to react after they have shouted out loud the name of their area member of parliament honorable Dick Maungu.


As he was delivering his speech, the president deliberately asked how the residents were calling their legislator. They answered back that they refer to him as a power saw.

The answer not only made the president to react with laughter but it also made him to made a funny joke about the legislator saying that he shouldn’t cut down the trees that his administration is planting in the country.

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In addition, the president was informed that the power saw nickname came after he defeated his opponent during the elections of last year in the Luanda constituency.

“Nishamwambia na nimeshawaambia wajumbe wote. Ati mnaita nani huyu mjumbe wenu? Power saw? Eeeh si atatukata ama nini? Na sasa hii power saw ni ya kukata nini? Na mjunge asikate miti ile mimi napanda. Si mumesikia tunapanda miti? Eeeh? Ooh ilikata Omulele? Okay huyu power saw wenu. Tumekubaliana na huyu power saw na wale wengine wote ya kwamba tunaweka mpango wa ICT hub mheshimiwa kila ward tunataka hawa vijana tulete kila ward computer mia mbili mia tatu. Hawa vijana wajifunze na technologia,” said President Ruto.

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