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Raila’s Reaction To Gen Z Telling Him To ‘Stay At Home’ [VIDEO]

Raila has been at the forefront of anti-government protests opposing, among others, the Finance Bill which seeks to raise taxes to fund the Kenya Kwanza government.

Azimio la Umoja leader, Raila Odinga on Tuesday, June 18 expressed his pride at a young woman who had advised him to back off and let her as well as the Gen Zs in the country carry out the anti-Finance Bill protests.

The young lady, in a video shared on X (formerly Twitter), had directed the former Prime Minister to sit back and let her peers take over matters.

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Raila has been at the forefront of anti-government protests opposing, among others, the Finance Bill which seeks to raise taxes to fund the Kenya Kwanza government. On two occasions has it been opposed by Kenyans from all walks of life owing to the punitive tax measures proposed in the Bill.

Here is the video:

“Agwambo this is a message to you. Don’t show up. Don’t come. Agwambo please stay at home.

“We saw your efforts, we saw everything that you did for Kenya…now let us…we miss you but Agwambo please don’t even come outside. We are coming out on your behalf,” she said in the clip while chest-thumping and blowing a kiss.

Raila, in response, hailed the young woman for standing up for their constitutional rights and exercising Article 37 of the Constitution which stipulates that “Every person has the right, peaceably and unarmed, to assemble, to demonstrate, to picket, and to present petitions to public authorities.”

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“I’m a very proud father today! Hongera sana to the young lady and all those who bravely stood up for their rights!” he replied.

Raila’s appreciation for the young woman’s efforts is evidence of the Gen Z category which has been of late challenging societal norms boldly. 

By leading in the Finance Bill protests, a paradigm shift presents itself in which Kenyans have the right and freedom to spark and force change in the country.

Despite the protests led by human rights activist, Boniface Mwangi, the Kenya Police had deemed them unlawful, and for the entire day, went about arresting every single protester they could find. Journalists weren’t spared as well while covering the protests.

However, Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Faith Odhiambo announced that several protestors had already secured their release from various police stations within Nairobi.

“After a long day of dedicated efforts from members of the LSK across Nairobi, we are happy to inform the public that the protestors are currently being released from Kilimani, Kamukunji and Central Police Stations,” the LSK boss noted. 

To ensure all the protestors were released, Faith Odhiambo called on the LSK members within Nairobi to report to Kamukunji Police Station to assist in releasing more detainees.

However, her claims were disputed by social media activist, Hanifa Adan on X. Hanifa was earlier arrested at the Kenya National Archives as she was meeting up with protesters. Viral Tea was yet to independently ascertain both claims.

Police surrounding protesters in Nairobi CBD on June 18, 2024. /ALI OLE MANZU


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