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“Mambo ni Matatu” Slogan Goes Viral as Citizen TV ‘s Nuhu Bakari Composes a Poem

Renowned Swahili linguist, Nuhu Bakari, has come out to heap praises to president William Ruto following his recent utterances warning sugar cartels.

During his visit to Western Kenya, president William Ruto warned corrupt sugar cartels telling them they have nowhere to hide. He warned them that they have only three choices to make; vacate from Kenya, go to prison or go to heaven. This marked the beginning of the now viral “mambo ni matatu” slogan.

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Using his mastery in art, Bakari composed a poem and recited it at Citizen TV Studios showing his support to the direction taken by the Head of State.

The poem was titled “mambo ni matatu” and its main theme was warning corrupt individuals while at the same time praising the first in command for the position he has taken in dealing with corruption.

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Bakari noted that the steps being taken by Ruto have started to bear immediate fruits.

This controversial slogan has however divided the political class with a section of Azimio leaders arguing that the president utterances might scare away investors.


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