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KHRC condemns abduction of anti-Finance Bill protesters

The Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) has condemned the recent abduction of protesters involved in the anti-Finance Bill demonstrations.

KHRC in a statement on Tuesday, June 25, 2024, said that it is unconstitutional to abduct or arrest a Kenyan citizen for exercising his/her democratic right.

KHRC further accused the national government under the leadership of President William Ruto of using deceptive tactics to end the countrywide protest adding that Ruto is intimidated by the protesters’ determination.

The commission called for the immediate release of the abductees.

“This regime is wrong to believe that abductions will halt the peaceful protests against the Finance Bill, 2024. It is also evident that @WilliamsRuto‘s public stance on the protests claiming he welcomes them is merely a deceptive tactic. The president is clearly intimidated by the determination of the youth, the abductees must be released, ” KHRC said.

Anti-Finance Bill protestor being arrested. PHOTO /theKhrc / x

Abduction of the protesters

Since the anti-Finance Bill protest started on June 18, 2024, many of the protesters have been arrested and some abducted.

Activist Boniface Mwangi has revealed that more activities have been abducted ahead of the Tuesday, June 25, 2024, countrywide demonstrations.

Boniface Mwangi in a statement on Tuesday, June 25, 2024, disclosed that the government suspects that abductees are involved in the rejected Finance Bill 2024 protest.

The activist further urged the  Law Society of Kenya to sue the state for violation of the constitution.

“Good morning, we are waking up to the news of many abductions of citizens the government suspects of being involved in #RejectFinanceBill2024. @LawSocietyofKeyou need to sue@KindikiKithure in for his personal capacity for the state abductions! Noordin, Koome, & Amin, release them!” he said.

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On Monday, June 24, 2024, Boniface Mwangi and other activists in the company of former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga presented themselves at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters.

Speaking to the media, Boniface Mwangi revealed that they had presented themselves to avoid being abducted adding that he almost got kidnapped on Friday, June 21, 2024.

He further urged the Inspector General of Police Japhat Koome to abide by the constitution and to provide protection for the protesters.

“The last three days have been hard for some of us we didn’t sleep in our homes it was like being in a house prison, we came today to avail ourselves because they almost kidnapped me on Friday but since we are free to go home we are asking the IG Koome to obey the law and give us protection, “Boniface Mwangi said.



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