“I Vomited Violently, What A Shame” Miguna Allege After Watching Judges Wear Ugly White Colonial Wig


Miguna has said, The Nigerian state and all its institutions, including the legal institutions, are by far the most retrogressive in Africa. I watched their judges and lawyers wearing ugly white colonial wigs validate @officialABAT’s electoral fraud and vomited violently. What a shame!


Nigerian politicians speaking and acting as though they are bigger than the Citizens, State and all its institutions put together.

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Is it that bad compared to Kenya General!! I want to write something about accountability to Nairobi River after 5years but I respect MM.

General be careful. Our naija comrades don’t miss when they aim to shoot. The ruling of the case was predetermined. No one expected a different outcome. The Obidients are moving on from the election.

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I am relieved to note that none of the judges or lawyers at the #SupremeCourt are wearing those ugly white wigs that elevate a colonial symbol. #supremecourtofkenya. That is a tradition of the common wealth countries. Blacks read too much into nothing. Should they wear goat skins like our ancestor judges used to?


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