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Real Life Cousins Opt To Continue With Taboo Relationship, Despite Knowing That They are Related

Some of the interviews that take place these days tend to confirm that the world is getting weirder and weirder. YouTuber Nicholas Kioko has recently interviewed a young couple that has been seeing each other for almost one year. Njambi and Emiliano, are a Kahawa West-based couple who claim that they did not know that they were cousins once they started to see each other.

ebcf0f38e9a340acb525c3651ae57481?quality=uhq&resize=720They only got wind of the situation after meeting each other in one of the familial get-togethers. Of course, at that point, the couple had not gotten any children. Hence, they could have just broken things off to end their taboo relationship once and for all so that they could not bring any shame and humiliation to their families. However, that is not what happened.

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093f53c108f948819b5cefea1e4bb4da?quality=uhq&resize=720When Nicholas Kioko asked whether they had ended things, the couple claimed that ending their relationship was difficult because they were already in love with each other. The two went on to blame their families for not informing them that they were related to each other.

8386d71f13284013aeb6dc98801cf534?quality=uhq&resize=720Apparently, the grandfather to both Njambi and Emiliano married two wives and one wife bore Njambi while the other one bore Emiliano. Hence, the couple’s parents are stepbrother and sister. video link) “Even when we realized we were related, it was difficult to break up because we already have feelings for each other.” The couple said. This was indeed a weird interview.

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