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DP Gachagua on Why Kajiado County is the Luckiest in President Ruto’s Government

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua accompanied President William Ruto and other leaders for a Thanksgiving Service in Kajiado County at Ildamat Stadium.

In his speech, the Deputy President claimed that Kajiado is the luckiest county in Ruto’s government because Statehouse Comptroller Katoo Ole Metito was picked from there.

Gachagua said that Katoo is in charge of planning and deciding everything that happens in the Statehouse.


DP Gachagua said, “Nyinyi wakaaji wa Kajiado mko na bahati kubwa sana katika serikali ya Rais William Ruto. Ile kiti muhimu zaidi katika taifa letu ya comptroller of Statehouse iko hapa Kajiado. Comptroller of Statehouse ndiye mwenye kupanga maneno yote ya Rais.”

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He went ahead to explain that the people of Kajiado should not have any problem because they can communicate their issues directly to the president through Katoo.


That the comptroller has the powers to decide who should see the president and who should wait. That even him as the DP has to go through Katoo to see the president.

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Gachagua stated that the only way Kajiado will be able to take advantage of their own being a Statehouse Comptroller is by embracing unity.

He also mentioned that Kajiado will benefit a lot from the housing program because the county has sand and stones that are needed for construction.

Watch this from 1:48.

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