BREAKING NEWS: Azimio Address Press, Makes One Big Demand to End Street Demonstrations

BREAKING NEWS: Azimio Address Press, Makes One Big Demand to End Street Demonstrations

Hours after their meeting on Monday, Azimio la Umoja team has addressed the press.


Speaking outside Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Foundation, Azimio demands that they will only exit street demonstrations if Ruto’s government heed their calls.

Through MP Opiyo Wandayi, Azimio demanded that Ruto’s government should reduce the cost of living and provide cheap food for Kenyans for them to end demonstrations.

They accused the KKA government of giving Kenyans what they have not asked for. According to Azimio, people want food and not any other ‘useless’ projects that Ruto has been busy introducing. Azimio said people have realized that they don’t eat government and that they voted for a president who does not put food on the table.

“What is the point of hiring teachers and taxing them all the money that they earn? people don’t eat government, they want food. Give them food and they will leave the streets, they simply want food, hustler funds has not been a problem, people don’t eat funds they eat food, they don’t eat in phases, they will eat every day, tell them how food will be available today and they will leave the streets

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Azimio said contrary to reports by KKA, there are no such efforts as reducing the cost of living in Kenya. Opiyo said Ruto’s regime should not pride itself in hiring more teachers, saying this will not reduce the cost of living.

“Signature collection is on and will proceed side by side with demonstrations. We cannot go against the wishes of the people. Kenya Kwanza claimed that protestors are being paid, which is extremely insincere. That should worry Kenyans, Kenya Kwanza has lost contact with the people. They said protests are not about the cost of living, that shows how they have turned a deaf ear to hungry Kenyans,” Opiyo added

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He said they are past the handshake regime and that are not interested in it. He challenged Kenya Kwanza to quit and pave way for a regime that has solutions, saying they should not ask them (Azimio) to provide alternative solutions when they are not in government.

They claimed that KKA MPs have threatened to mobilize their supporters to counter Azimio supporters during demonstrations, saying this clearly shows that Kenya Kwanza is losing focus

He said if KKA MPs come out with counter-protests, then it will be Kenya Kwanza supporters that will suffer the loss.

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