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The Hidden Gems of Tubi’s Horror Catalogue

We uncover the hidden gems of Tubi’s horror catalogue with movies like Mirrors, Train to Busan, and Pandorum.

With the recent news that Tubi surpassed Max, Disney+ and Paramount+, it got me thinking about how far the service has come. It was mostly just seen as a joke but now it’s beating some of the heavy hitters. I’m not exactly shocked as even my grandparents have proclaimed their love for Tubi. The ease of access is always going to be the biggest winner for the average viewer. Plus the fact that it’s FREE doesn’t hurt either. At a time where other streaming services are adding ads of their own and increasing their paid tiers to absurd prices, services like Tubi become more and more appealing.

Tubi has come a long way since its days of direct-to-streaming shlock. Sure, there are classics like Child’s Play, Interview with the Vampire, Pumpkinhead, The Descent and Near Dark. But what about some titles that are more off the beaten path? Something to either discover for the first time or to be reminded of its greatness after a long time away from it. Plus, I’ll throw in some fun bonus ones as well since there’s such a wealth of content on the free service.

The Hidden Gems of Tubi’s Horror Catalogue


There will actually be a new video on this film soon on the JoBlo Horror Originals Youtube page.

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The Hidden Gems of Tubi’s Horror Catalogue


This one has been having a bit of resurgence as it keeps appearing on various TikToks and YouTube Shorts about underseen horror titles. We’ve sure done our part on the JoBlo Horror side and will add this to this list.

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The Hidden Gems of Tubi’s Horror Catalogue

Train to Busan

This better be one of those that spurs a bunch of comments going “Hey, that’s not a hidden gem.” But you just never know so I’m making sure to include it since it’s such an impactful film. Great performances and a Fury Road-like momentum of action throughout its runtime, this is one that has to be experienced. And yes, for you subtitle haters, there is a dubbed version available. But why would you ever want to do that to yourself?

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