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Mia Goth defends Marvel’s Blade delays — “They really care. They want to make a great movie.”

The star of MaXXXine spoke briefly about the troubled production of the Marvel film at her latest premiere and presented some good faith on the studio.

Mia Goth defends Marvel’s Blade delays — “They really care. They want to make a great movie.”

As Marvel depends on Deadpool & Wolverine to bring back a semblance of success to the studio after many felt there was a substantial dip in quality, behind-the-scenes drama continues to plague the brand. The MCU is still contending with the change in villain actors since the whole Jonathan Majors debacle. Additionally, fans of Daredevil are still waiting for his anticipated return after the major overhaul of Daredevil: Born Again and the Mahershala Ali Blade movie is facing its own string of misadventures as the script keeps getting rewritten and the film keeps losing directors.

Mia Goth was cast in the film back in April of 2023, and rumors have been swirling that she’ll be playing the villainous character Lilith. Lilith is known in the comics as the supernatural character who tries to take the blood of Blade’s daughter. As Goth walked the red carpet at the premiere of her upcoming film, MaXXXine, she speaks briefly to Deadline about the people behind the making of the film. Her reply to the inquiry about the production was,

They really care, they do. They want to make a great movie. That’s the sense that I get from them and that feels good.”

Ali made his debut as Blade with a vocal cameo at the end of Eternals, where he interrupts the character Dane Whitman (played by Kit Harington) before he can touch a mystical sword called the Ebony Blade. In the comics, Whitman becomes the Black Knight while wielding that sword, so some fans thought he might show up as the Black Knight in Blade. However, Harington has said that the Black Knight was never meant to be in the movie. The Ebony Blade, on the other hand, might be a different story…

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A recent Production Weekly listing claimed the Blade reboot is aiming for a Fall 2024 production start, but they still need to figure out the script and now they need to find a director. There have been rumors about Marvel meeting with Jordan Peele, possibly for Blade, even though Peele has previously said he has no interest in superhero properties. In the meantime, Mahershala Ali is busy working on the new Jurassic World movie.

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