Kevin Bacon expected the Footloose title track to have a longer legacy than the film itself

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Footloose turned 40 this year and the screenwriter, who also served as the songwriter on the film, gets honored with Kevin Bacon in tow.

Kevin Bacon expected the Footloose title track to have a longer legacy than the film itself

Two simple yet iconic words from the film Footloose would seal Kevin Bacon and the theme song in 80s culture nostalgia for the rest of time — “Let’s dance!” This year would mark the 40th anniversary of the dance-themed high school movie. Dean Pitchford, who wrote the script and the songs for Footloose, was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame during a ceremony at the Marriott Marquis in New York City on June 13. Bacon would perform with his brother, Michael, in tribute to Pitchford, as well as “Let’s Hear it for the Boy” singer, Deniece Williams.


People got to speak with Bacon at the event, where he shared more insight into the role that changed his life.
“[Pitchford] was part of a group of people including the director and the producer who really wanted me to be in the movie — and the studio did not. I’ll never forget how hard they worked to try to convince the studio that I was the guy to play the part, and that’s something that I’ll always appreciate.” When asked if he ever thought the film would have the impact it still does today, Bacon answered, “No.” Then, he expounded,

I figured the song would have a lasting legacy, but the movie… I mean, I like the movie. I think it’s cool, but how can you predict that?”

Over the years, Bacon had spoken ad nauseum about how he couldn’t escape that title song. Pitchford himself joins Bacon in his disbelief that the movie had become such a massive part of pop culture, “Who knew? I mean, it was a tiny movie. and we had no idea that it would last for 40 years and continue to be a cultural touchstone. It gets referenced whenever there is a ban on dancing. It gets referenced whenever there are books being burned. It’s continued to somehow be relevant, and I’m very, very happy about that.”

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Bacon’s relationship with music extends well beyond Footloose as he himself is a songwriter and sees Pitchford as a peer. The Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F star spoke of Pitchford’s career when he said, “It’s great when somebody works that hard and has that much success, and they get a little pat on the back. Songwriters, sometimes, are people that kind of live behind the scenes, right? They’re not frontmen, and the fact that they get the chance to shine at an event like this, I think, is super cool.”

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