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Fallout Season 2: Everything We Know

All the info about cast additions, crew, and storylines for the sophomore season of the Prime Video video game adaptation.

Fallout Season 2: Everything We Know

What Do We Know About the upcoming second season of Prime Video’s hit video game adaptation Fallout? More than you may think. A hit from the moment it premiered, Jonathan Nolan helped shepherd the fan favorite game franchise from consoles and PCs to televisions by creating a wholly original story alongside showrunners and creators Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet. Let’s dive in and take a look at what is coming up next in the world of Fallout.

Who is joining the cast?

No announcements have been made as to who will be joining season two, but based on the announcement graphic, we can be certain that Ella Purnell, Walton Goggins, and Aaron Moten will be back as Lucy MacLean, The Ghoul, and Maximus. It also seems certain that Kyle MacLachlan will be back as Hank MacLean based on where the final left things. Moises Arias and Frances Turner seem like locks to reprise their roles as Norm and Barb respectively. Sarita Choudhury could return as Moldaver despite the final episode twists, especially in the form of flashbacks as the backstory for Lucy and Cooper Howard continue to evolve. There could also be a role for Aaron Paul who previously worked with Jonathan Nolan on Westworld and has been vocal about wanting to join the series.

Who is directing?

The exact team of helmers remains to be seen, but it seems like a certainty that Jonathan Nolan will direct at least a couple of episodes. Nolan directed the first three episodes of the first season with the other five helmed by Clare Kilner, Frederick E.O. Toye, Daniel Gray Longino, and Wayne Yip. The shift in production from Namibia to California could open up more potential filmmakers to join the crew, but nothing is set in stone yet.

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Fallout Season 2: Everything We Know

What is it about?

With nothing official revealed, we can assume that season two will address the shocking revelations at the end of the first season. Hank MacLean was unmasked as a member of Vault-Tec from over two hundred years earlier and after a showdown with Lucy, he made his way to the outskirts of New Vegas, an iconic setting from the video games. The finale also separated Lucy and Maximus. Maximus, now seen as the “Sword” of the Brotherhood tried to get Lucy to join him, but she opted to go with The Ghoul to find out who is “behind the wheel” of what is going on in their world.

We will see Deathclaws.

After a tease in season one of a familiar looking skull, series co-creator Graham Wagner has said they wanted to do justice to the recognizable monsters from the games after spending the first season doing some major world-building.

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Fallout Season 2: Everything We Know

Lucy will be very different.

Ella Purnell has teased that the end of the first season brought up questions as to whether Lucy is still a hero or even a good person, something the actress is keen to explore. She told GQ that “I don’t know who she’s gonna be in season two, [but] this is what happens when you break the unbreakable. I don’t know who she’s about to become.”

When will we see it?

With the first season having debuted earlier this year, there is likely a significant wait before we see the second batch of episodes. Amazon snagged the rights to Fallout back in 2020 and it took nearly four years from inception to premiere. Odds are that it won’t take nearly that long for the second season to begin production once the scripts are ready. The California tax credit for season two was announced in early April which means production could begin towards the end of the year. With the amount of special effects needed in post-production, it seems unlikely we will see Fallout back on Prime Video until late 2025 or maybe even early 2026.

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Stay tuned to as we learn more about the upcoming second season of Fallout.



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