Box Office for Warner Bros’ holiday slate may not bring in the numbers they hope for


The big Christmas opening week is upon us and while there are still a number of options available, the big franchise titles offered by the WB may not light up the box office.

Box Office for Warner Bros’ holiday slate may not bring in the numbers they hope for 1

The dramatic year of American cinema is about to come to a close. Many of the usual franchise movies that were thought to bring in triple-digit millions at the box office struggled to make a splash. The dual strikes from the writers and actors delayed many projects. A superhero movie fatigue has finally come into question. The big studio businesses made a lot of controversial decisions that have rubbed audiences the wrong way. And at the end of the tunnel, Warner Bros. has a huge chunk of the market during the holiday season with three big titles — Wonka, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and The Color Purple.


Deadline is reporting that while Warner Bros. is offering three films that should cover multiple bases, the studio may not get what they asked for this Christmas. In recent years, Christmas week would offer up an unusually high amount of releases, with all the studios aiming to capitalize on the holiday in which many movie-goers celebrate with a trip to the cinema. Past Christmases would host the extravagant, effects-heavy franchise titles such as Star Wars or a Marvel film or Avatar. This year, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is the big title to help scratch that itch, but the overhaul of DC and troubling behind-the-scenes stories may work against the Jason Momoa actioner as the movie is projected to open with $40 million. That falls below The Marvels‘ $46 million three-day earnings, which was said to be Marvel Studios’ lowest opening performance to date.

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Meanwhile, Wonka and The Color Purple are two musicals that Warners offers up as alternatives. According to Deadline, The Color Purple could outperform its $8M for the day with $10M, as presales are very hot for the feature take on the Broadway musical and reboot of Steven Spielberg’s multi-Oscar-nominated 1985 pic.” The Warner movies are not the audience’s only option this coming week. Illumination’s newest animated film, Migration, is set to make its debut. A24 is releasing the much acclaimed The Iron Claw, which, despite the advanced reception, doesn’t quite lend itself to a feel-good Christmas movie. Sony’s R-rated romcom, Anyone But You, with Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, will also join the fray. Michael Mann’s Ferrari with Adam Driver will also race into theaters along with George Clooney’s rowing film, The Boys in the Boat.

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