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Austin Butler addresses Pirates of the Caribbean casting rumors

Austin Butler hadn’t heard that he was rumored to be in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 but says whoever gets the role has big shoes to fill.

With a sixth Pirates of the Caribbean movie slowly heading for the high seas, the biggest question is who will be serving as captain. Johnny Depp would of course easily get fans on board, but there’s so much bad blood and spilled rum between him and Disney that it seems like such a long shot anymore. Now, one whose name has been circling the deck – Austin Butler – is addressing the rumors surrounding him taking over the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Austin Butler couldn’t deny his involvement in the future of Pirates of the Caribbean…because he hadn’t even heard about the rumors. “Oh really, I haven’t heard about that.”

With Pirates of the Caribbean 6 confirmed to be a reboot, Depp’s position – if any – would certainly be reduced, leading the way for a fresh face who may have a difficult time winning over the crowd simply by not being Captain Jack Sparrow. Outside of Austin Butler, The Bear’s Ayo Ederbiri – or rather an Ederbiri “type” – was being sought. On this, Butler added that whoever is legitimately in the running for leading the franchise has huge shoes to fill. “It’s a hard one to touch because they did it so well. I loved what Johnny did with that.”

Even still, Austin Butler was a huge fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies growing up, adding a fun personal anecdote to the rumors. “That just reminded me of when I was a kid. In elementary school, we had to make these posters that had like your favorite music, your favorite actors. And at that time – I don’t know what grade, it must have been fourth grade, third grade or something – but it was – Pirates of the Caribbean was on there.”

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It has been seven years since Dead Men Tell No Tales was released, leaving enough time for two key things: 1) Disney to want to reboot the property, and 2) audiences to lose interest. One does have to question the need for more Pirates installments; and with Depp likely out, will fans of the core movies even want another movie?

How do you think Austin Butler would do leading the future of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise? Could he be the right guy or should Disney walk the plank on the whole idea?



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