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64 Vacancies Open At United Nations Nairobi Office

The United Nations Nairobi Office is pleased to announce a range of exciting job opportunities for individuals committed to making a positive impact in the world.

We are looking for passionate, dedicated professionals to join our dynamic team in various roles. If you are looking for a meaningful career where you can contribute to global peace, security, and development, we invite you to apply for the positions listed below.

Open Positions

1. Project Intern – Bamako Convention Assist in the implementation of the Bamako Convention, focusing on hazardous waste management and environmental protection.

2. Intern – Drug Control & Crime Prevention Support initiatives aimed at reducing drug-related issues and crime prevention strategies.

3. Communication Intern Contribute to communication strategies, including social media management, press releases, and public outreach.

4. Intern – Applications Development Assist in the development and maintenance of applications to support UN operations.

5. Intern – Data Analytics Support data analysis projects, helping to turn data into actionable insights.

6. Travel Assistant Coordinate travel arrangements for UN staff, ensuring compliance with UN travel policies.

7. Mail Assistant Manage mail services, including the distribution of incoming and outgoing mail.

8. Staff Assistant Provide administrative support to various UN departments and assist with office tasks.

9. Administrative Assistant Handle a variety of administrative duties to support office operations.

10. Administrative Officer Oversee administrative functions, ensuring efficient and effective office operations.

11. Finance and Budget Assistant Assist in financial planning, budgeting, and monitoring of financial transactions.

12. Procurement Officer Manage procurement processes, ensuring compliance with UN procurement policies.

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13. Procurement Assistant Support procurement activities, including vendor selection and contract management.

14. Logistics Assistant Coordinate logistics for UN missions, including transportation and supply chain management.

15. Human Resources Assistant Assist in HR functions such as recruitment, onboarding, and employee relations.

16. Information Technology Assistant Provide IT support, including troubleshooting and maintenance of IT systems.

17. Occupational Health Officer Oversee health and safety programs to ensure a safe working environment.

18. Investigator Conduct investigations into misconduct and other issues .

19. Science Editor Edit scientific documents and publications to ensure accuracy and clarity.

20. Legal Officer Provide legal advice and support on various legal matters.

21. Data Specialist Analyze and manage data to support UN programs and initiatives.

22. 2024 Competitive Examination for Language Positions Compete for language positions in translation, interpretation, and editing.

23. Senior Public Information Officer Lead public information efforts, including media relations and strategic communication.

24. Senior Human Resources Assistant Provide senior-level HR support, including policy implementation and employee relations.

25. Senior Coordination Officer Coordinate complex projects and initiatives across multiple UN departments.

26. Senior Telecommunications Technical Assistant Oversee telecommunications systems and provide technical support.

27. Senior Finance and Budget Assistant Assist in high-level financial planning and budget management.

28. Senior Programme Management Assistant Support senior programme managers in project planning and execution.

29. Senior Programme Management Officer Lead programme management efforts, ensuring successful project delivery.

30. Senior Travel Assistant Coordinate complex travel arrangements for senior UN staff.

31. Project Coordinator – Dominica Oversee projects in Dominica, ensuring alignment with UN goals and objectives.

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32. Assistant Project Officer Support project officers in the implementation of various projects.

33. Programme Management Assistant Assist in the management of UN programmes, including planning and monitoring.

34. Programme Management Officer Oversee programme management, ensuring effective implementation.

35. Associate Programme Officer Support programme officers in the execution of UN programmes.

36. Associate Programme Management Officer, Human Settlements Focus on human settlements projects, promoting sustainable development.

37. Associate Task Manager Assist in managing tasks and projects within the UN framework.

38. Local Individual Contractor – Graphic Designer Create visual content for UN publications and communications.

39. CBIT 2 Georgia Ppg Consultant Provide consultancy services for the CBIT 2 Georgia project.

40. Statistics Consultant Support statistical analysis and reporting for UN projects.

41. Urban Planning Consultant Provide expertise in urban planning and development.

42. Urban Finance & Economy Specialist Focus on financial and economic aspects of urban development projects.

43. GIS Expert Provide geographic information system (GIS) expertise for UN projects.

44. Transboundary Risk and Early Warning Expert Support risk management and early warning initiatives.

45. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Localization Expert (Tbilisi) Promote the localization of SDGs in Tbilisi.

46. LAC Terminal Reviewer Conduct reviews of projects in Latin America and the Caribbean.

47. GEF Terminal Reviewer for CBIT Sierra Leone and CBIT Malawi Projects Review GEF projects in Sierra Leone and Malawi.

48. Chief of Protocol Manage protocol and ceremonial activities for the UN.

49. Chief of Section, Programme Management Lead a section in programme management, ensuring strategic alignment and effectiveness.

Apply Now!

If you are interested in any of these positions, please use the following link to apply: UN Nairobi Office Job Application

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We look forward to receiving your application and potentially welcoming you to our team at the United Nations Nairobi Office. Together, we can make a difference in the world.

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