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Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine stands in solidarity with anti-Finance Bill protesters

Vocal Ugandan musician and political activist Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu better known as  Bobi Wine has revealed that he is in support of the ongoing anti-Finance Bill in Kenya.

In a statement published on Sunday, June 23, 2024, on his official social media page, Bobi Wine commended the Kenyan youths for going out to the streets to exercise their democratic rights.

Expressing his admiration for the anti-Finance Bill protesters, Bobi Wine revealed that the voices of the demonstrators are being heard beyond Kenyan borders.

“Power to you the young people of Kenya. You are speaking up and your voices are being heard far beyond the Kenyan borders, “Bobi Wine said.

Ugandan musician Bobi Wine. PHOTO/ @HEBobiWine / X

The vocal musician stated that he hopes the voices of the demonstrators will be heard by the Kenyan government adding that he will continue to stand in solidarity with the anti-Finance Bill protesters.

“We hope your leaders too are listening! We continue to stand in solidarity with you. Viva,” he said.

Anti-Finance Bill protest

The ongoing anti-Finance Bill protest which started on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, in Nairobi County has seen major residents from major towns across the country including Mombasa, Kakamega, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru, Kisii, Embu and Nanyuki join.

On Friday, June 22, 2024, human rights activist Boniface Mwangi, outlined the seven-day anti-Finance Bill demonstration action plan.

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“We refuse to be silenced, so we’re marching on… Day 1. Friday, 21st June: After the City Mortuary, attend Juma prayers at Jamia Mosque, and give water to those leaving after the prayers. Day 2. Saturday 22nd June: At midnight, all bars and clubs where Gen Z frequent will stop the music to listen to a national crescendo of Ruto Must Go, and Reject the Finance Bill. Day 3. Sunday 23rd June: Deplatform politicians in church. Don’t allow any politician who voted YES to speak in your church,” he said.

Protesters march in Nairobi.
Protesters march in Nairobi. PHOTO/@jopangaa/X

“Day 4. Monday 24th June: Make a courtesy call on MPs who voted ‘Yes’ at the constituency office. Tell them: Endelea hivyo hivyo! Boycott the businesses of these traitors. Ostracise them for betraying 54 million Kenyans. Start collecting signatures to recall them. Day 5. Tuesday 25th June: #OccupyParliament and Total Shutdown Kenya. A national strike. Gen Z is granting all hard-working Kenyans a day off. Parents keep your children at home in solidarity. Day 6. Wednesday, 26th June: Justice for Rex. Visit IPOA and the IG of Police demanding #JusticeForRex Day 7. Thursday, 27th June: Block main roads leading to Nairobi and #OccupyStateHouse to witness Ruto sign our lives into slavery. #TotalShutDownKE.”

The activist also condemned police brutality and interference with the ongoing peaceful protest.

“And despite our peaceful protests, police have responded with bullets, killing two of our own, maiming many others and one person is in critical condition,” he said.

However despite public rejection, the Parliament On June 21, 2024, 204  Members of Parliament okayed the controversial Bill to go to the second reading.

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