Truck tyre bursting on Chon Buri road kills one, injures five

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A six-wheeled truck suffered a frightening malfunction at 6.30pm yesterday, when its tyre burst while returning from marking traffic lines, resulting in one death and five injuries. The incident occurred on Route 344 in Chon Buri.

The accident took place on the Ban Bueng-Klaeng Road, in Nong Yai District. Police and rescue units from the Sila Dharma Association in Nong Yai rushed to the scene following the report.


Upon arrival, authorities discovered the six-wheeled truck, previously used for traffic line painting, was found overturned in a ditch by the road. The accident had five injured individuals lying in the median strip, pleading for help. Rescue workers provided immediate first aid and quickly transported the injured to Nong Yai Hospital.

Tragically, one man, a Cambodian national identified as Ratana Tan was found dead at the scene, pinned under the right front wheel of the truck. Rescue workers had to use a crane to lift the vehicle and extract his body.

An eyewitness, 43 year old Chamree Kham-uppatham recounted hearing a tyre explode while sitting in front of her house. She saw the truck swerving uncontrollably before it veered into the median and overturned, causing injuries and a fatality. She immediately called for rescue services and quickly rushed to help.

Investigations revealed the injured workers to be employees of a private company in Chanthaburi, contracted to mark traffic lines in Chon Buri. They were on their way back to Chanthaburi when the accident occurred.

Police have thoroughly reviewed CCTV footage from the accident site and plan to interview the injured once they recover to determine the cause of the incident and proceed with legal measures if deemed necessary, reported KhaoSod.

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This tragic event underscores the inherent risks faced by those working on road maintenance and underscores the importance of regular vehicle safety checks to prevent uncontrollable accidents.

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