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Tragedy strikes annual rocket festival in Roi Et: Explosion injures 30

On June 16, 2024, a tragic incident marred the annual Rocket Festival at Ban Sang Bu Temple in Roi Et Province. The normally joyous event, which attracts numerous locals and visitors to Phon Sai Sawang Subdistrict, Phon Thong District, ended in disaster when a rocket explosion caused significant injuries among the attendees.

The explosion occurred at precisely 5:00 p.m. during the highly anticipated festival. This year, participants eagerly gathered to witness the launch of 370,000 rockets—a tradition aimed at celebrating local culture and bringing luck to the community. However, as the event proceeded, catastrophe struck. One of the rockets malfunctioned as it was being launched, resulting in a powerful explosion at the rocket launcher base.

The impact of the explosion was immediate and widespread, causing injuries to approximately 30 people who were watching the event. The crowd, which had gathered to enjoy the festivities, was thrown into panic as the explosion occurred, leaving many individuals with various injuries that required prompt medical attention.

The nature of the injuries ranged from facial wounds to head trauma and limb injuries. Some individuals were seen with bleeding head wounds, while others sustained severe injuries to their arms and legs. The scene quickly turned chaotic as people sought to help the injured and call for emergency services.

Rescue teams were mobilized without delay. Local emergency responders and volunteers acted swiftly to provide first aid and transport the injured to Phon Thong District Hospital. The hospital staff, already expecting an influx of patients due to the large crowd at the festival, was prepared to handle the emergency.

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Upon arrival at the hospital, the injured individuals were promptly evaluated by medical professionals. Initial treatments were administered to stabilize those with critical injuries, while others were given appropriate care based on the severity of their wounds. The hospital reported that they were still in the process of assessing and summarizing the condition of the patients to determine the next steps in their treatment.

The Rocket Festival, a time-honored tradition in Roi Et Province, is typically a vibrant celebration filled with excitement and joy. However, the unfortunate accident during this year’s event cast a shadow over the community, highlighting the potential dangers associated with large-scale public gatherings involving fireworks and rockets.

Authorities have begun an investigation into the cause of the malfunction to prevent such incidents in the future. The local government, along with festival organizers, expressed their deep sympathies to those affected by the incident and pledged to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of participants in future events.

In the aftermath of the explosion, the community of Phon Sai Sawang Subdistrict rallied together, offering support to the injured and their families.

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