“The Disrespect Was Too Much” Yvonne Khisa and Bushra Spill Beans Why They Split With Crazy Kenner


Popular social media sensation Crazy Kennar left many Kenyans surprised after separating from his counterparts who were helping him keep social media ablaze through funny clips they created.

Crazy Kennar was working with popular female comedians such as Yvonne Khisa and Bushra. However, their years of working together came to an unceremonious end after the trio decided to go on their separate ways.8116bac3abb4430baafb67c5f331bd0c?quality=uhq&resize=720 While speaking to Dr. Ofweneke’s show on TV47, Yvone Khisa, and Bushra finally lifted the lid on why they decided to leave Crazy Kennar after years of working together. Bushra disclosed that they were betrayed by Crazy Kennar which is why they decided to split their partnership.

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She also went ahead and alleged that Crazy Kennar betrayed them. She vowed that they will not get together or work together in the future. This is after crazy Kennar reportedly revealed that he was looking for new female content creators to work together in his brand.09c12ec1b2544c99a85a1cb04e195930?quality=uhq&resize=720

“If kenna called you now will you pick up? or come back?” Dr. Ofweneke asks. 

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“The disrespect was too much to even go back,” Bushra responded. 6c61158f67d248b5a35eb0d4950889f1?quality=uhq&resize=720

She also said that she has Crazy Kennar’s telephone number but they do not talk since splitting up. This comes as Crazy Kennar continue to record his own videos since separation. The videos have gone viral leaving Kenyans crazy.

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