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Chebukati Leaks Brilliant Trick They Used In 2022 Elections To Ensure Nobody Stole Ruto’s Victory

Chebukati has just broken his silence about the brilliant move they made in the transmission of results from the various poling stations. Chebukati said that what happened in 2013 and 2017 gave them a lesson on how to go about elections. He said that they ensured they use a means that won’t be easily tempered with. He said initially, the transmission was done using text messages which was easier manipulated.

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Speaking on how they managed to counter the trick this time round, he said this;

“We said we were not going to transmit the text message of the results from the polling station because when the result forms come there is always a problem between the text and the forms and this creates room for misinformation and disinformation,” Chebukati said.

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He said the result forms were being scanned and transmitted to the next station with the Kiems kit making hard to manipulate anything.

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