Senators’ showdown: Bangkok hotel hosts candidate meetup

Photo of Puntid Tantivangphaisal

Photo courtesy of The Nation

In a bustling gathering at Bangkok’s Amari Don Mueang Airport Hotel, over 500 hopefuls vying for senatorial seats met yesterday, June 24, for an event known as the Meeting of Independent Senate Candidates.

This lively assembly saw candidates from across the nation converge, all eager to make their mark on the upcoming election.


Sources revealed today that each attendee paid 200 baht for their meal, adhering to election laws that strictly prohibit any lavish banquets or catered events for candidates. The gathering featured a series of speeches, with candidates taking turns on stage to discuss the national voting procedures slated for tomorrow at Nonthaburi’s Impact Forum.

Among the distinguished speakers was Vivatanachai Na Kalasin, a seasoned politician and former Thai Rak Thai party-list MP, who has represented Kalasin multiple times. At 72 years of age, Vivatanachai remains a prominent figure, having organised a Line application group to foster better connections among the candidates.

Vivatanachai firmly asserted that the gathering did not breach any election laws.

“This event serves as a platform for senatorial candidates to meet and discuss face-to-face as there are thousands of candidates this year who have never met each other.”

Political analysts predict that candidates with strong affiliations to major political parties, both from the government and opposition, are likely to dominate the upper house in tomorrow’s vote. According to the Election Commission, a staggering 3,000 candidates (2,164 men and 836 women) have successfully navigated the district and provincial voting stages held on June 9 and 16, from an original pool of 45,753 aspirants.

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These candidates will cast their votes among themselves to elect the new 200-member Senate, which will replace the 250-member Senate appointed by the junta following the 2014 military coup, reported The Nation.

The term of the previous Senate concluded on May 10.

In related news, despite the EC fielding over 300 complaints, including 39 cases related to potential fraud, the Senate election results will proceed as scheduled.

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